USB-Accelerometer 3-axis Self Recording Accelerometer X16-1C

image of accelerometer


Priced at only $89, the X16-1C is a very economical data logger packed with exceptional features. The X16-1C implements a digital 3-axis 16g accelerometer with user selectable sample rates up to 200Hz. This simple device stores precisely timed acceleration data on the device for later viewing and analysis. Just plug it into any USB host and the X16-1C mounts as a USB Mass Storage Device (like a USB flash drive). Data is stored in plain text Comma Separated Values (.csv) files, ready to be imported into any spreadsheet, word processor, or end user application. The X16-1C options are set up easily using a simple text based configuration file. Read more about our data logger product-line features.

Discontinued! New X16-1D available in May.


battery life of X16-1C


Please see the X16-1C user manual (.pdf) for a detailed description of features and operation instructions.

Example Applications

The X16-1C product replaces the older X6-1A. The following examples used the X6-1A but are equally applicable to the X16-1C accelerometer data logger.

Analysis Tools

While no special tools are required to analyze data, we have provided a tool that helps find and save the more interesting portions of a data collection set. Details can be found here


A simple text file is used to configure the device gain, dead band, and size of each data file.

Data Format

Data is contained in easily readable plain text files. Meta data starts with a ";" and the comma delimited data (.csv) can be analyzed with a spreadsheet or text processor as shown here.

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