USB Impact Accelerometer Data Logger

image of X250-2 impact sensor


We further improved upon the popular X250-2 design and now provide three sensor variations to meet a wider range of applications. The three ranges include 500g, 250g, and 50g. These devices are best suited for applications involving events that exceed capabilities of the X16-1C product. The small compact device captures impact events with precise timing and records the data to the internal flash memory. The plain text comma separated data files are easily accessible via the USB mass storage device interface. The loggers operate approximately 3 hours using an internal, hardwired, rechargable lithium-polymer battery. Read more about our data logger product-line features.

Discontinued Product.

Check our X200-4 Logger!


The analog accelerometer sensors are over-sampled by 16 times the requested rate by a 12bit AD converter. For example, at 512Hz recorded rate the sensors are internally sampled at 8192Hz. The data is then summed and decimated to provide a 14bit effective resolution. This method provides anti-alias protection and better phase alignment of the 3 channels.

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Data Sheet

For more details, specification and how to use please look at the product user manual(.pdf).

Example Applications