Package Monitoring Using the USB Accelerometer Data Logger


The USB Accelerometer data logger can record the movements of a package during shipment and record with precise time when an impact occurred. Time stamped g-force data can verify that critical freight was properly handled during shipment. For continental US orders, Gulf Coast Data Concepts ships the USB Accelerometer activated to provide the customer with interesting data regarding the package shipment.

Listed below are events during a shipment to a customer in Huntsville, AL. The package was shipped via USPS Priority Mail on July 1, 2008 and arrived at the destination July 3, 2008. The deadband was set to 15mV to filter out insignificant movements. The shock events noted are an RMS of the three axes. Time is represented as hh:mm:ss.

View plots of the data files. Download the raw data here and use the XLR8R to view the files.