Modifications to the X16-5, X200-5, or X2-5 Loggers

Adding a Larger Battery to Increase Logging Time

GCDC data loggers are optimized to reduce power and increase logging time. The most significant power drain is the write operations to the microSD flash memory. Unfortunately, we can not change the power requirements of the microSD card. The only way to easily increase the logging time is to add a larger battery. The standard blue plastic enclosure is limited to a 500mAh size lithium-polymer rechargeable battery pack. Click here for instructions to 3D print a larger enclosure to accommodate a 18650 cylindrical rechargteable battery. This battery will increase the capabilities by about 6 times.

18650 battery box

Waterproof Enclosure

The standard enclosure for the X16-5, X200-5, and X2-5 is not waterproof or dust proof. Certain applications need a more rugged enclosure. Click here for instructions for modifying the data logger to mount inside a waterproof cylindrical container.

waterproof box