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Our GPS featured loggers add global position data and timing to our accelerometer and IMU products. The GPS engine uses multiple satellite systems, including GNSS, GLONASS, and Galileo, to provide fast and accurate position locks. The logger can be configured to record position data up to 18Hz or at very long intervals to save power. The logger uses GPS timing to discipline the internal RTC and ensure time stamps are accurate to UTC.

As of June 2021, the GPS featured loggers are not stocked items due to semiconductor part shortages. This is a worldwide problem affecting many business sectors. We hope this issue is resolved soon and we can again supply GPS loggers to our customers. Please contact us for the latest updates or if you need further information regarding our GPS loggers.

Limited Availability.

General Features

The following features are common to each of the product types

GPS-x16: Features

Cow Logger

GPS-IMU+alt: Features


For more details, specifications and how to use the MDL, please contact us.

Example Applications

See how we used the GPS-x16 logger to track cattle and plot the results in Google Earth.