Obsolete and Rejected Items

The following items are no longer supported and are offered "as-is" at a discounted price. These items could be obsolete, modified for custom applications, or failed our Quality Control tests but the loggers are fully functional. To purchase these items, contact sales at gcdataconcepts.com and provide item, quantity, and shipping address. We will respond with a Paypal invoice, which can be paid with Paypal or credit card.

XGM mini

XGM "mini" Loggers

We a 9-axis logger in the "mini" style using the Invensense MPU-9150 chip. MPU-9150 provides 16g accelerometer, 2000 deg/sec gyroscope, magnetometer, and qauternion solutions (based on the accelerometer and gyro data). Invensense discontinued the chip and we have migrated to the new chip. However, we have a few of the old loggers available for $165 each. This logger is no longer supported but it's an affordable way to get 9-axis of data streamed to a microSD card. Please reference the XGM user manual for the product features.